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Choose Pet-Friendly Flooring in Steinbach, MB, for Your Home

Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, turtles, or any other of a wide range of pets spend their time trotting, scrambling, creeping, or crawling across the floors of homes around the region. No matter how well trained and well behaved those pets are sometimes accidents happen. Maybe it’s a surprise from a dog who got a bit too excited, a plant which got knocked over by an adventurous cat, or scratches from the claws of a fidgety rodent. When you face an issue with your pet and your floor, remember that we offer pet-friendly flooring in Steinbach, MB, at Steinbach’s Flooring Canada.

Sorting Through the Options

Don’t think that because you have pets you are limited to one type of flooring. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques you can consider any flooring style you want, and find it with us.

Gone are the days of shooing Fido out of the living room because he’ll get dirty paw prints on the carpet or using vinyl throughout your entire home because it resists scratches and is easy to clean. You can find great durability and dirt resistance when you look at our pet flooring options.

When you come to Steinbach’s Flooring Canada, our friendly and helpful staff assist you in selecting among the flooring types and styles to find the ones which suit you and your pet the best. We’ll learn about where you are installing the new flooring, your interior design scheme, and traffic load, plus the number and type of pets you have. That information is incorporated in the advice and guidance we provide.

A Wide Range of Choices

There is no doubt that pets are family members with all the freedom that entails. It means your dog has free range throughout your home, and it also means you have to be prepared with the best type of flooring for dogs you can find. If you’re looking for carpet, we have stain-resistant styles which offer peace of mind from knowing clean-up is easy and effective.

If you’re looking for the classic appearance of hardwood, but you are also concerned about claw marks, then go with one of our harder types of wood. A stout hardwood, combined with a tough finish, is an option for you.

How about laminate flooring? That’s a choice which provides a high level of scratch resistance and easy cleaning too. It’s also a bit more supportive than hardwood.

If you are wondering about the best flooring for cats, how about vinyl or tile? They are very durable and clean up quickly and easily when Snowball lovingly deposits a dead mouse at your feet.

Trust us; we’ve got flooring choices that can stand up to whatever your pet can dish out.

Contact us for more information about the flooring options which are best for pet owners and their furry friends. We are proud to serve customers Steinbach and Winnipeg, MB, and the surrounding areas.

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