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cape cod coastal style

Styles We Love: Cape Cod Coastal

Jun 24, 2022

Currey & Company Antibes Chandelier available at Lighting One; West Elm Calm Marsh Wall Art; One Kings Lane 3-Wick Candle Sea and Dune; Scout & Nimble Four-Hands Everly Sofa; Wire-Brushed White Oak Hardwood by Flooring Canada/Flooring Canada; McGee & Co Spring Wreath; Williams Sonoma Oversize Coral on Stand; Pottery Barn Molucca 62” Media Console in Madera Blue; CB2 Amato Rattan Dining Armchair; Tigressa Underspin Plus Tonal in Destiny

When it comes to the Cape Cod Coastal style, this seaside collection is all about sandy neutrals and coastal blues, capturing the appearance of a classic Cape Cod beach house. With furnishings inspired by natural elements such as beach wood, marshy shores, and aquatic blues, unique Cape-house styles blend with trending modern coastal to create an aesthetic that’s purely New England.   

Best Coastal Flooring Styles

best coastal flooring styles

Floorcraft Coventry Oak in Crewel

When it comes to selecting a floor for your coastal getaway, choose lighter neutrals over dark colours. For instance, this light white oak engineered hardwood by Floorcraft features a striking wire-brushed wood floor with popular wide planks and a low-gloss to enhance its natural beauty. Plus, it’s engineered for enhanced stability in high moisture environments so you can enjoy this gorgeous white oak throughout your home even if you have high humidity levels because you live right on the beach!

carpet for coastal designTigressa Underspin Plus Tonal in Destiny

If you’re looking for a softer floor underfoot that still fits in with your coastal design, check out our Underspin Plus by Tigressa SoftStyle. This textured Saxony carpet marries gray tones with blue hues to create a gorgeous colour that’s reminiscent of a stormy sea. Beautifully complementing your beach house decor with its blue undertones, this carpet has a luxuriously plush feel that’s perfect for your modern coastal bedroom or living room.

What is a coastal design style?

coastal design styleGraber Roller Shades

Coastal design style aims to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living since so much of it is influenced by the nature of the beach. Using lighter tones, coastal design creates a relaxed feel that embraces a casual, laid-back ambiance. There’s an emphasis on quality over “showy” or “luxury” design with performance fabrics taking center stage in upholstery, furniture, and flooring so that the coastal design can stand up to the beach lifestyle. 

Nowadays, when you hear about coastal design, you often hear it in reference to modern coastal design. But what is modern coastal design? Modern coastal design works to blend the elements of sleek minimalism with the warmer feel of coastal design. Combining coastal colours with clean lines, modern coastal gives a nod to the beach with its natural materials and textiles all while staying fresh, airy, and contemporary.

Elements of Cape Cod Coastal Design

elements of cape cod coastal designOmbre Graphite Gloss Ceramic by Emser

Elements of Cape Cod coastal style include the reflection of surf, sand, and sky throughout colour and texture within your home design. The colour palette for Cape Cod coastal is light neutrals with pops of blue, green, and navy influenced by the natural seaside. Incorporate a beachy design that consists of organic materials and fibers. These might come in the form of white oak hardwood floors, wooden beaded chandeliers, sisal rugs, or woven shades. Beachy decor should be your finishing touch with statement pieces like driftwood, old sailing rope, or seashells topping off the design.

Looking for more design inspiration? Check out our Flooring Canada design blog to read about the latest trends in flooring and home interiors.

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style watch: multipurpose workspaces

Style Watch: Multipurpose Workspaces

Jun 20, 2022

Since the beginning of the pandemic, working from home has only become more and more common. And while we are slowly getting certain parts of life back to normal, working from home is not something we see being taken away any time soon. From the lack of commute to the flexibility that remote work allows, many industries are recognizing the benefits of allowing their employees to do their jobs from wherever they see fit – and oftentimes, that means working from the comfort of their own homes.

If you are one of the many who works in a partially or fully remote position, you know the importance of creating a productive space within your home. Not everyone has the space for a home office, which brings us to one of our favorite interior design trends in 2022: Multipurpose Workspaces. This post-pandemic style puts emphasis on creating a workspace in your house that you can feel good about, that helps you relax and most importantly, that helps you be your most productive self.

Whether you have a home office or a coworkspace shared in your household, upgrading your space with floors that function well and feel good is the perfect way to elevate your work area, lift your spirits and amplify your efficiency on the job. Check out some of our favorite flooring products below to start creating your dream workspace at home.

1. Waterproof Carpet

waterproof carpetMoonlight by Tigressa Cherish in Reflection

We know that more work from home time is inevitable this year, but that doesn’t mean you should have to choose between comfort and productivity in your workspace. With the Tigressa Cherish Moonlight carpet in Reflection, you truly can have the best of both worlds. Enjoy the soft and comforting feeling underfoot as you go about your daily life, but rest assured that when it comes time to work, this remarkable waterproof and kid-proof carpet stands up to any challenge with special technology that resists fading and repels stains and odors.

2. Classic Hardwood

classic hardwood flooringOceana Estate – Oak in Surf by Aquadura H2O

If you’re hoping to create the feel of a classic academic home office, hardwood is absolutely the way to go. With Oceana Estate – Oak hardwood by Aquadura H2O, you can get the productive feel of a library or office while skipping the imposing mahogany desk or wall to wall bookshelves. Plus, if your home office also happens to be your bedroom, living room or even kitchen table, this durable hardwood adds classic elegance that elevates your space no matter what purpose it holds. Ocean Estate – oak by Aquadura H2O is waterproof, kid proof and pet proof, and it comes in 8 different wood-tone hues making it easy for you to find the right shade for your multipurpose workspace.

3. Durable Laminate

durable laminate flooringMountain Lane Oak in Shoreline by Floorcraft Performance Flooring.

Are you looking for the distinguished feel of hardwood, but need something with a little less maintenance? Mountain Lane Oak laminate flooring by Floorcraft Performance Flooring is a great option. This durable laminate flooring offers the same warmth and elegance to your workspace that can be found with hardwood, but is also easy to install, waterproof, kid proof, pet proof and can easily handle even the most active lifestyles and workspaces. This is a great option if your home workspace is also your home gym, game room or just sees a lot of traffic in general. Mountain Lane Oak laminate by Floorcraft also comes in 5 different wood-tone hues and features a popular wide-plank design to truly mimic the look of weathered, aged oak.

4. Elegant Luxury Vinyl

elegant luxury vinyl flooringMount Vista Premiere in Kaibab by Downs H2O

Another way to achieve the academic wood look without spending a pretty penny is by choosing an elegant luxury vinyl flooring, such as Mount Vista Premiere by Downs H2O. This extremely durable vinyl flooring comes in 7 different wood-tone hues and uses advanced imaging technology to capture the look of genuine wood in such perfect detail that you might even forget it’s not actual wood! Mount Vista Premiere vinyl flooring is completely waterproof, while also being scrape and scuff resistant – perfect for an active lifestyle and for a workspace that sees higher volumes of traffic. With this stunning yet durable choice, you’ll feel more productive than ever in your newly elevated multipurpose workspace.

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which flooring solution is the best for your unique multipurpose workspace. Of course, we are more than happy to help. Consult the professionals at your local Flooring Canada for expert flooring advice, and check out our 2022 Style Watch list to read about this year’s other top flooring trends and products.

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2022 Summer Issue of Design at Home

Upcoming: The 2022 Summer Issue of Design at Home

Jun 15, 2022

This season, we are exploring the impact your environment has on the senses and how unique regions and needs can evolve and affect home design. Arriving just in time for your summer vacation plans, the Great North American Road trip seeks family travel-inspired homescapes with a tips section on how to incorporate your travels into home design and a family-friendly flooring guide detailing the best floors for your summer lifestyle.

8 Tips to Incorporate Travel Into Your Home Design

incorporate travel inspiration as decorDesign by Diana Rose | Photography by Mike Chajecki

Bring faraway destinations into your home design with these eight tips on how to incorporate travel inspiration as decor. Whether you’ve collected handmade artistry from your travels or are looking for a way to display your exotic tea collection in the kitchen, this article has the top tricks for infusing your travel-inspired decor.

Resort-Inspired Spaces

This stunning spread on resort-inspired places looks at how you may combine resort-style looks and resort accents into your daily life. With professional interior designs highlighting each trend, these five exquisite concepts explore luxury bedrooms, spa bathrooms, outdoor showers, restaurant dining, and open-air living.

Renovating a Townhome With Margarita Bravo

margarita bravo townhouse designDesign by Margarita Bravo | Photography by Zach Cornwell

Margarita Bravo gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the design of a Denver townhome restoration in this exclusive interview. Her unique use of colour flows throughout the design, and she discusses how to incorporate individuality into your design using wallpaper, furnishings, and colour.

Styles We Love: Tranquil Styles to Cool Your Summer

This summer's style spotlight is the peaceful remedy you need to escape the heat, with everything from Boutique Hotel to Rustic Cabincorel. Boutique hotel has a modern-chic vibe with a touch of art deco, and colours are explored through wall art, tiling, and furniture. Cape Cod Coastal, on the other hand, evokes a Cape Cod summer with furniture inspired by natural beach wood, coral reefs, and aquatic blues. Finally, there's Rustic Cabincore, which is ideal for those looking for a place to get away from it all in the mountains. Combining the trendy sage green with wood tones to create an eclectic cabin vibe, Rustic Cabincore encourages serenity and tranquility in design.

Family-Friendly Flooring for Your New House or Vacation Home

family friendly flooring

Our first flooring feature focuses on family-friendly floors for your vacation home or new home remodel, with products from our Flooring Canada catalog that are stainproof and waterproof. If you’re in the middle of a home renovation or just bought a new house for your family, this flooring feature is the perfect guide and will help you find the best products for busy families that want mess-proof flooring.

What’s Your Summer Flooring Vibe?

Five summer mood boards are included in this fun Buzzfeed-Esque quiz to help you pick the ideal floors for you. Have fun taking our personality assessment and find the perfect floors for your summer vibe with options like Adventurous, Natural, Beachy, Vibrant, and Motivated.

Soft-Surfaces Inspired by Ocean Landscapes

ocean landscape-inspired soft surfaces

Our second flooring feature looks at how to use carpet and area rugs to create a relaxed atmosphere. We have the product recommendations you need from our Flooring Canada catalog to infuse your home with ocean-inspired colours and patterns, from tropical blue carpets to warm, golden-sun area rugs.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Written by Trisha Isabey

Trisha Isabey demonstrates how to utilize your space in compact living quarters in this exclusive designer feature. We can all agree that having a livable area that feels big enough for you is crucial, whether you live in a condo, an apartment, or a townhome. Isabey offers advice on everything from utilizing natural light and views to simplifying built-ins and maximizing negative space.

Creating a Cottage-Chic Home

Written by Laura Hay

cottage-chic home decorDesign by Laura Hay | Photography by Gillian Jackson

Last but not least, Laura Hay delves into how to style a “cottage chic” home. Hay is a cottage-style design guru with multiple projects under her belt, and she shares her best advice. Natural wool, raw stone, and organic textiles, as well as cottage-style décor and focal points, are among the elements she recommends. She also gives tips on how to transform your current home decor into one that is more cottage-style.

Did any of these articles pique your interest? If you’re looking for more design inspiration, check out the live issue of Design at Home!

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Interesting Hardwood Layout Patterns

Interesting Hardwood Layout Patterns

Jun 13, 2022

What are my options for hardwood floor patterns?

We get it. The number of choices you have to make when planning your flooring project can be overwhelming. Once you’ve decided on hardwood flooring and found the stain you want, the thought of having to make another decision about the layout may make your head explode. But the wood flooring pattern is just as important as the stain of the wood in how much it can impact the appearance of a room. Here are some of the most popular wood floor layout patterns:

  • Parquet
  • Herringbone
  • Chevron
  • Straight
  • Diagonal
  • Random
  • Basketweave

We’ll take you through a breakdown of these hardwood flooring pattern options to help ease your decision.

What is parquet flooring?

parquet flooring

Parquet flooring is when wood planks are cut into smaller pieces to create repeating patterns on a floor. Basically, any floor pattern that is not parallel is a parquet floor. Chevron, herringbone, and basketweave wood floor patterns are all types of parquet flooring.

What’s the difference between herringbone and chevron?

herringbone vs chevron

Both herringbone and chevron are zig-zag flooring patterns, so they may look similar from afar, but they are different, and choosing one or the other can change the vibe of a room. Both styles are cut into shorter planks, but chevron is cut at a 45° angle, while herringbone is cut perpendicular, meaning herringbone planks are rectangles. This allows chevron to have a continuous zig-zag pattern, while herringbone has an interlocking zig-zag pattern. One benefit of chevron is that the continuous zig-zag pattern can make a room appear larger and more modern. Herringbone gives a more rustic, classic look, so it’s perfect if you’re into farmhouse or contemporary aesthetics. Both styles have been used for centuries, and they’re not going anywhere—so they’re worth the investment.

If you’re into the zig-zag look, read our blog post detailing the difference between herringbone and chevron. Make sure to consider both style and cost and weigh what is most important to you. Depending on your budget, you may not be able to get the hardwood material you want and the pattern of floor you want. Choosing between style and cost may not be a compromise you want to make. But the good news is, if the hardwood chevron pattern is out of your budget, you can achieve the same look with vinyl or laminate flooring—that way, you get the look of wood and the chevron pattern without having to break the bank.

What if I want a simple pattern?

simple floor patterns

A classic, inexpensive option for your hardwood floor layout is a straight pattern. If you want to make the room look bigger, the planks should be installed parallel to the longest wall of the room. When using a straight floor pattern, you want to make sure to stagger the planks so that the edges are spaced far enough apart. A good rule of thumb is to stagger by a distance of 2–3 times the width of the planks.

How does a diagonal floor work?

diagonal flooring

A fun alternative to a straight wood floor pattern is a diagonal one. This is the same as a straight pattern, except it’s diagonal instead of parallel to the walls. It will be slightly more expensive than a straight pattern because the planks will need to be cut at an angle where they meet the walls.

Is a random floor pattern really random?

random floor patterns

You may hear “random” pattern and think that it would make your room look messy, but that’s actually not the case. “Random” doesn’t really mean random. A random layout means hardwood planks of different lengths are laid parallel. Many hardwood floors use random layouts, where the planks run in the same direction, as it’s one of the least expensive installation options and doesn’t require cutting the edges of the wood planks at different angles.

What is a basketweave hardwood floor?

A basketweave floor pattern looks exactly the way it sounds—the “weave” is made up of squares of small parallel planks of wood. Those squares are laid out perpendicular to each other to create the basketweave look. 

It can be hard to decide on a wood floor pattern, but your local Flooring Canada experts are here to guide you. They’re happy to help with all your projects, and it’s always a great place to start one, so visit yours today!

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mood board tips

5 Tips to Create a Mood Board for Interior Design

Jun 06, 2022

Planning a room makeover can be overwhelming, especially if you’re designing a whole new home. If you’re feeling lost when planning your room redo, a mood board is a great way to get started. Not only will it help you figure out what you’re looking for, but a mood board gives you a chance to envision the kind of space you want to create.

So, what exactly is a mood board? Essentially, it’s a collage of images used for inspiration. The point of a mood board is to help you figure out the style, colours, aesthetic, and feel that you’re going for—all of which contribute to the mood of a space—hence “mood board.”

1. Plan the Aesthetic before Buying

Mood boards are not used for just finding all the pieces that you want in a room. That’s the next step—and you don’t want to jump ahead. The mood board should come before you purchase anything for the room, and once you’ve nailed down the aesthetic you’re looking for, you can start to shop.

plan an aesthetic before buying

2. Consider the Styles You Like While Mood-Boarding

Whether you like mid-century modern décor, you want to channel your inner coastal grandmother, or your kids have been begging for a mermaid-themed bathroom, a mood board will help you plan it out. If you know the name of a certain style you like, it can be easier to search for and find imagery that matches what you’re looking for.

consider mood board styles

3. Don’t Plan a Room around One Piece

By determining the design direction before you start an interior design project, you can avoid the struggle of committing to a floor, wall colour, or piece of furniture you love and not being able to match the rest of the room to it. You know, when you buy a shirt you love, but you can’t find the pants to wear it with? You don’t want that to happen with an expensive couch or carpet. There are so many components to consider when designing a room, so you don’t want to jump the gun. Make sure that the floors, wall colours, window treatments, lighting, furniture, and art all work together. Creating a mood board and then matching the pieces to the aesthetic of the mood board will ensure that you don’t have to spend the time and money to replace a piece that just isn’t working.

4. Go Old-School

There are a few ways you can construct a mood board. You could go the old-fashioned route and make a physical mood board by scouring interior design magazines and catalogs for inspiration. You can even order physical samples of flooring from our Sample Box program at Flooring Canada, allowing you to test out the flooring swatches against your own lighting and existing décor. By looking for inspiration this way, you can keep an open mind to different styles and possibly find a new aesthetic that’s perfect for you. It can also be fun to get your family or partner to join you in this mood-boarding endeavor. However, we get it if the thought of paper clippings everywhere and the smell of glue may deter some folks from this method.

sample mood board boxes

5. There’s Also an App for That

If you’re not into the hands-on, crafty method, a great online option for creating a mood board is Pinterest. There, you can “pin” images of furniture, décor, fabrics, colours, and full rooms to your digital board. And if you’re planning multiple rooms at once, you can create a different board for each one.

The great thing about making a digital mood board with a platform like Pinterest is that when you click on something you’ve “pinned,” most of the time, it will take you to the site where you can buy that sofa, paint colour, carpet, or window treatment. That way, when you finally start your project, not only do you have your mood board for inspiration, but you also have it as a guide on where you can find those items. 

digital mood board creation

Once you figure out what method you want to use to make your mood board, you can compile images of rooms you like, furniture pieces, rugs, floor types, curtains, artwork, paint swatches, lighting fixtures, and other room accessories.

A mood board is a great way to start any interior design project, and your local Flooring Canada experts can help you execute your dream home. Check out our Pinterest for design ideas and mood board inspiration today!

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industrial styles

Styles We Love: Industrial

Jun 01, 2022

Winnie Medium Pendant by Hinkley; Bronze Stem Floor Lamp by Elk Group; Christian Mirror by Renwil, Vintaged Light Hide Pillow by CB2; West End Brick Wallpaper by West Elm; Revo Tile in Power Grey available at Flooring Canada/Flooring Canada; Baxter Thin Etagere by Burke Decor; Vitya Metal Bicycle Sculpture by Birch Lane; Matte Gray Tapered Jar by McGee & Co; Gage Faux Leather Dining Chair by Arhaus; Define Yourself in Harborn Point by Design Distinctions

What Is Industrial Modern Design?

With a touch of raw flare that brings everything there is to love about metal beams and brickwork to the forefront, industrial design brings both an effortlessly minimalist feel and a texturally appealing look to any space. Explore its stylish features through a collection of neutral decor pieces and upscale furniture.

The Best Industrial Style Flooring Options

When it comes to finding the best industrial style flooring options, look for raw materials in natural neutrals like hand-scraped hardwood, textured carpet, and slate stone tiles.

industrial style carpet

Define Yourself by Design Distinctions

This gray-toned carpet by Design Distinctions is a statement piece with its captivating textured contrast patterning creating a beautiful visual appeal that compliments any space. Along with its eye-striking pattern, this carpet is backed by life-of-the-carpet soil and stain resistance warranties, so you can install it in any space including high-traffic areas without having to worry about spills or other messes. So, if you’re looking for a floor for your industrial living room, this Define Yourself pattern is the perfect option for you!

industrial style tile flooringRevotile Power Grey Matte

Concrete finishes are especially popular in industrial-chic design since it’s all about exposed elements. Discover a revolutionary development in stone-look porcelain tiles with Revotile in Power Gray Matte by Daltile. This concrete-look porcelain tile is striking and lends visual weight to your space by drawing the eye to the ground. Plus, it looks great in kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms alike. These tiles are extremely durable with their waterproof, stainproof, dent-proof, scratch-proof, and slip-resistant technology.

How Do I Get an Industrial Look?

industrial style solar sliding panelSolar Sliding Panel by Graber

So, you’ve got the flooring down, but what makes a room industrial? Like so many interior design styles before, it all comes down to the details. Touches of raw flare, like exposed beams, brick fireplaces, and leather chairs all expose the beauty of natural imperfections. Infuse your place with natural materials and textiles such as organic wool rugs and potted plants plus salvaged or recycled materials that lend an industrial look.

Industrial Interior Design

industrial style white brick

Brique White Matte/Satin Porcelain by Emser Tile

The architectural elements within a space influence industrial interior design. These elements often include loft-like spaces with piping and ductwork that’s made as a focal point. Taking inspiration from 19th and 20th-century factories, industrial design uses the strength of brick, concrete, iron, and steel to create an efficient and uncluttered space. Often, industrial-style spaces might look “unfinished” but that’s the point —they’re meant to provide a casual ambiance that’s laid-back and lived in.

Looking for more design inspiration? Check out the latest design and flooring trends on our Flooring Canada blog.

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